Testimonials & Show Reviews


“I wanted to start by saying a massive Thank you to Miss Olivia, Miss Anna and all the other teachers at the Olivia Dance Academy for making my 15 years at the dance school unforgettable.
I joined the Olivia Dance Academy when I was 3 years old and have danced there until I left for university – although I make sure I go to a few classes when I’m home for the holidays! I have had numerous opportunities during my time here including; taking part in shows, exams and successfully auditioning for the Berkshire Youth Ballet and I cannot thank Miss Olivia enough for all the hard work and dedication she shows to her students and for always making the lessons fun, yet challenging, and ensuring that everyone reaches their full potential.”


I started dancing with Miss Olivia when I was 3 years old and ever since then I have loved every second. All the teachers at the Olivia Dance academy have made ballet interesting and exciting but at the same time teaching you skills like dedication, commitment, respect and perseverance without you even knowing it!

The school gives you so many opportunities. I have performed in 7 Shows in my time with the school, as well as dancing in the west end in young performers, assisting to teach the younger pupils in the school, dancing with Berkshire Youth Ballet, taking workshops with ex-English national ballet dancers and taking multiple ballet exams.

When leaving for university, I knew I was going to miss it so much and I have tried to find somewhere else to continue my dancing but nowhere will ever be the same but it’s lovely to come back and visit!


“I wanted to thank you for absolutely everything you have done for me over the years while I have been at your dance academy, and all the memories that I have collected from the many amazing dance shows, exams and lessons that I had the honour to be a part of! I really appreciate the time and dedication you put into the lessons and all the work you and your family did especially when it was around a show. You made me enjoy dancing even more than I did when I joined and I have learnt many valuable skills for the future which was down to you, Miss Anna, and all the other talented teachers that I encountered over the years. I’m thankful for all the people I met while I was there too and the overall friendliness and approachable manner of the academy all made my time there even more fantastic. It’s sad to be saying good bye to it all, but I will definitely remember my time spent dancing at the academy as it was a big part of my life.

So again thank you Olivia for all your devotion to the dance school and how you always went out of your way to ensure everyone reached their full potential and always enjoyed their selves. I wish you luck in the future for everything you do, along with the academy too.”


‘Both my daughters have attended The Olivia Dance Academy for the past 8 years, since they were 4 years old. Although they are twins, they have always been treated as individuals and the teachers value their individual strengths and have always being very encouraging of their efforts. Miss Olivia is clearly a passionate ballet teacher and all the children are included in the very special experience of the bi-annual shows – they love the shows!!! Miss Francesca is similarly very keen to include every child in all her modern dance routines’ and I have been very impressed how hard the girls want to work to achieve their best for her. As a parent, I really value the fact that, while the girls may not become professional ballerinas, they have great exercise in a fun environment.’


‘I joined The Olivia Dance Academy when I was 4 years old, initially doing ballet.  I am now nearly 13 and am now working on pointe.  Miss Olivia is an inspiring teacher and  I have made lots of friends over the years.  In addition, for 3 years I have also worked under Miss Francesca in Modern classes.  She is young and enthusiastic and makes our lessons fun.
The School had the wonderful opportunity of taking part in Young Performers in 2008 and we danced at The Shaftesbury Avenue Theatre in London.  We hold a Dance Show every other year.  Everyone gets to take part – no matter what their age or ability is.  These shows are hard work but great fun and the end result is very rewarding!’


‘I have had a great 15 years at The Olivia Dance Academy. I started when I was 3 years old and only left when I went to university! I have made friends for life there and the dancing and teachers have significantly built up my confidence over the years. I have enjoyed every part of my experience from the exams, that have been a lot of hard work but in the end very rewarding, to my favourite part, the shows. Since I have been there I have taken part in such amazing dances and finished my time at the dance school on a complete high by playing The Snow Queen in the last show. I can’t thank Miss Olivia, Miss Viki and Miss Anna for what they have done for me, they have been like a second family!


‘My daughter Ellie has been a member of The Olivia Dance Academy since she was  3 years old, and I remember those early days when she  would only dance round the room holding my hand!
Now I look at her age 17 years old as an experienced confident dancer, having even spent much of her time helping and supporting the younger children.
Ellie has gained most pleasure out of the six dance shows she has participated in from her early days as a little blackbird, through many performances of whole ballet stories to her most recent success when she took a leading role in ‘The Nutcracker.’
I have always been a very proud mum through out all of this period and can only thank The Olivia Dance Academy for their inspiration and attention to detail which has inspired many students in the Wokingham area.’

‘My daughters have both grown up with The Olivia Dance Academy, with my eldest daughter starting at The School on the first day it opened its doors 15 years ago, when she was 3 years old.
The School has played a major part in their development over the years, giving them ‘Life Skills’ and of course excellent dancing skills in ballet, modern, tap, jazz and street dancing.
The girls have taken exams at each level and these have been great experiences for them. The results they’ve achieved have been excellent – but they did have to work hard and apply themselves.
They have participated in several major dance shows at The School, which have been hugely motivational and exciting for all involved, with fantastic results! Quite unforgettable –memories that the girls and the parents will have to look back on in the years to come.
A big ‘Thank you’ to Miss Olivia and the other teachers for helping to shape my daughters into young ladies who have a passion for dance, inspired by The School, and an enrichment for their future.’


‘As a former pupil of Miss Olivia, I cannot recommend a better dancing school. Miss Olivia is totally dedicated to her pupils and wants the best out of every one of them. High standards are her priority and each pupil receives 100% attention from her. Miss Olivia’s classes are thoroughly enjoyable and all of her pupils gain tremendously from her vast experience and knowledge. Her disciplined approach is firm and loving – I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else!’


Show Reviews 2015 – 2016


I am a steward at South Hill Park Theatre. Really lovely show. All beautiful dancing lots of smiles, energy and skill. You should all be very proud. Well done. Keep dancing.

Lesley Steele-Perkins

We performed in the show with The Olivia Dance Academy and it is the best ever! Everyone is so friendly and we had the best time!

Lily and Alex

The best show I have ever seen I (and I have seen  few!)


Really stunning production! I would say the best yet. Well done to all the girls and boy!


A beautiful show – congratulations to all involved, it was a pleasure to watch